At the bottom of this page are links to PDF files that contains The First Revelation of the Piano Warrior and the Second Revelation of the Piano Warrior.  If you don't know what I'm talking about... please read the following...

So... what is this "audio puzzle"/"concept album" that you have been hearing about?  Well, to put it simply... I was working on a concept album that grew too large for its own britches... and I needed a new format to release it in.  I figured what I was writing was going to take me a lifetime to complete... and I actually wanted to make a career out of it AS I was working on it.  And so... I will be releasing songs from it seemingly randomly over my career and showing you via a chart where they fit into the timeline of the main character's life. Most likely, some or all of the songs from each album will belong to the concept.  Nothing is to be assumed as cannon until it appears on the chart.  Don't worry, you need not even pay attention to all of this if it seems too complicated or too much trouble to keep track of.  All of my songs and albums are designed to stand by themselves as songs and albums.  If I hadn't told you all of this, you would never have guessed that there was anything going on.  In fact, I almost didn't reveal this aspect of my music until after my death.  This is for the music geeks to follow along with over the course of a life.  Admittedly, it won't make much sense as a storyline at first... perhaps, you won't even see a connection between songs.  Over the years and albums, however, it will all weave together into a complex tale... and give me a foundation to address greater more complicated themes.  Some parts of it will be hilarious, other parts of it will be dark and terrifying... ummmm... just like life, as you already know.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "The Piano Warrior".   It is something that I have been working on without rest since the year 1999.  I couldn't figure a better way to do it that to post a PDF file... if you can't get it to work, please email me from my Contact page and we'll work something out.  Or, you can pretend the concept doesn't exist and enjoy my work as just albums and songs on a stand-alone basis.  Either way... it is a great privilege to have your attention.  Sincerely, Jon Valley

 The link below (The First Revelation of the Piano Warrior) is the timeline info for my first album, "This House of Cookies"... And the other link (The Second Revelation of the Piano Warrior) is the timeline for the songs from my second album "Pacific Communication"